I can write music all day but it's hard to write words...especially about myself.

March 2018.

I’m sitting in my ‘studio’ (i.e the family living room loaded with all my stuff!) in Statesboro, a small town in Southeast GA, and I’m having a 'how the fuck did I get here?' moment while trying to figure out what to write about myself for a website 'Bio'!!!!

I grew up in Fairport NY, a Rockwellian town that’s a suburb of Rochester in upstate New York. Like most my age back then, I had been bitten by The Beatles bug 13 years earlier and by the age of 17, I was playing guitar in my first band.  By 19, that band, Autumn Skies, had cut a 45rpm record of two songs I had co-written that enjoyed quite a bit of airplay on WCMF, Rochester’s hip FM station!  This was pivotal in my progression as a musician and artist, although I had no idea of that at the time. Who could really know that at 19? Unfortunately, our cool original band was never able to get back in the studio to record again which was a shame considering we had accumulated a nice body of original songs. The fact that we never had the foresight to record all of them means that only the sonic remnants of those songs are floating around aimlessly somewhere in outer space. 

Two years after abruptly quitting that band in early '79 (just to work and party in Fairport for a couple more years!!), I decided to head south to Murfreesboro TN to seek my fortune in the music business by enrolling in Middle Tennessee State University’s fledgling Music Business program to become a recording engineer. What I didn’t count on was being immediately distracted by all of the beautiful southern girls and all the huge fraternity parties they always attended!! I was a 22 year old Freshman, pledging a fraternity, and having the time of my life! 

Recording engineer?!?!?

Naw…that can wait! 

And it did wait… for a couple of years.

In 1984 MTV was 3 years old and the music biz was on fire with MTV being the constant source of fuel for that fire. Now, I decided I wanted to be in a band again and in those heady mid-80’s days, keyboards were an integral part of every famous band’s sound. But keyboard players with cool synthesizers were rare! That’s where I saw my ‘in’! So even though I wasn’t a keyboard player, nor had I ever been one, I did have the means to acquire a decent synthesizer with some ‘left-over’ student loan money so I went out and bought a great synth and all of the sudden I was eligible for work as a keyboard player strictly via the laws of supply and demand!

And a gigging I went!!

From 1984 to 1997 I was working in music related fields as both a retail record store manager, playing in bands, or both. Along the way I had the privilege of working with some wonderfully talented people, and of course the misfortune of working with some real assholes albeit they were talented assholes!! I stayed involved with making my own music, helping other artists make theirs, playing shows, making mistakes, playing as a touring utility musician, and making even more mistakes!

Hell, I even did the requisite stay in a substance abuse facility!!

All of those things brought me to now.

 I experienced a whole lot of living in the 1980’s and 1990’s, some of which I’d really rather not ever experience again, but most of it was rewarding and educational.  I had the freedom to develop my own way to express myself with guitars, keyboards, and a bunch of electronic devices. The ability to express emotion with musical instruments and gadgetry is something I consider to be a gift since I don’t think I’m very clever. If I was, I’m not sure I’d choose to continuously aspire to have the life of an artist unless I had the marketing savvy of PT Barnum, or at least a feeling of belonging any creative community. I have neither, nor do I seek the approval of others quite in the same way as I did when I was younger.

I’m here. I'm 58. I do what I do, I know what I like, and I like what I know. 

As has been the case for over 20 years now, I’m planning on continuing to write, record, and (hopefully) perform my contemporary pop/rock instrumental music, as well as work on some extremely satisfying collaborative recording projects.

Today's technology definitely increases the creative options of any artist and I’m no exception! 

I’m glad to be here, and I sincerely hope you'll like what you hear!


Musical Influences & Inspirations

Scott 9

For over 50+ years my musical ambition, motivation, and inspiration has been powered by the following bands and artists:

This is a broad overview of the many artists whose music has captured my attention, inspired me & motivated me to learn how to play a few instruments and grasp today's technology decently enough to create some pretty cool contemporary pop/rock instrumental music. 


- Genesis

- The Beatles 

- George Harrison

- Lindsey Buckingham

- Anthony Phillips

- Fleetwood Mac

- Led Zeppelin

- Steve Rothery

- Peter Frampton 

- Pink Floyd 

- Steve Hackett

- Renaissance 

- Yes

- Herb Alpert  

- Trevor Rabin

- Cocteau Twins  

- David Gilmour 

- Marillion 

- Rush 

- America

- Leo Kottke

- Robin Guthrie 

- Supertramp

- Def Leppard 

- The Hollies  

- Simon & Garfunkel

- Van Halen

- Abba 

- The Mamas & The Papas  

- Ray Conniff

- Tears For Fears 

- The 5th Dimension 

- Jellyfish  

- Tom Petty 

- Split Enz 

- Traveling Wilburys  

- ELO (Jeff Lynne) 

- Cocteau Twins 

- Robin Guthrie 

 - XTC 

- Brian Wilson  

- Marillion 

- It Bites 

- Kevin Gilbert - 

- Neil Finn