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I must say I'm very impressed with your 12 string compositions - and the glorious smooth rich sound you have achieved. ”

— David Hentschel - Producer (Elton John, Genesis, Renaissance, Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford)

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"Very cool stuff. Reminds me a lot of early Yes & Genesis." 

Brian - Santa Cruz, CA, USA 


"Bravo! They're great. The sound and recordings are awesome. The low notes sound like a keyboard. The intonation is perfect. Well done!!!" 

Forrest - Murfreesboro,TN, USA 


"Those are some sweet sounds coming from your Taylor 12 string! That is some of the best 12 string I have ever listened to. You rock my friend..." 

Tim - Manhattan Beach, CA, USA 


"These are wonderful songs, a true turning point! 

You've moved from enthusiast to artist here, very proud of you." 

Tim - Nashville,TN, USA 


"That's a very nice composition, the sound is fantastic. Congrats on the new album, I'm sure there must be great stuff on there." 

Alex - Barcelona, Spain 


Wow! These are GREAT! Wonderful compositions (I really like how you structure them like journeys, like narratives) ... and guitar sound (it felt sometimes that my apartment was filled with chimes!). 

Bob - Vancouver, B.C. 


"My God, it's beautiful! I'm speechless. Absolutely amazing. I'm jealous. These are absolutely beautiful. Great job" 

Jeff Wahl - Lafayette, CO, USA 


"Awesome stuff Scott. Really good music. There's a market for what you do for sure." 

Tom - Orlando, FL, USA 



"What a nice sounding 12 string guitar and some great playing!" 

Jeff - Madison,WI, USA 




Scott F. Brown

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Instrumental 12 string guitar reminiscent of Anthony Phillips and early Genesis.

  1. 1 Magnolia 07:45
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  2. 2 Mesmerized 07:00
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  3. 3 Parachute Jacket 03:57
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  4. 4 Face In The Water 06:47
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  5. 5 Bloom 07:38
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  6. 6 Whirlpool 06:02
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  7. 7 Sparkle 09:53
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  8. 8 Lindsanita 07:55
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  9. 9 Up & Running 03:43
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"Superb compositions in early Genesis/Anthony Phillips style...they remind me of Trespass and Nursery Cryme...such a cozy feeling!"  

Umberto - Firenze (Florence), Italy  


"Nice pieces of music! Definitely have the Anthony Phillips sound to them. Lovely sounding 12 string guitar."  

Russell - U.K  


"Beautiful sound. 5*****"  

John - Pennsylvania, USA  


"This music is awesome, really captures the vibe of Anthony Phillips and early Genesis. Love this! Great work man!"  

vidgamer77 - USA (youtube)  


"Great music!  

I found you thanks to a hyperboreal (¡gracias Alex!) message and I think your music is fabulous.  

As an Anthony Phillips fan, thank you!!"  

Bernie - Spain  



"These are lovely performances and beautiful pieces of music.. and your playing is great!"  

Michael Gulezian - Nashville, TN, USA  


Amazing Scott......what a beautiful way to start a new day!! Reminds me of one of the most spectacular sunrises I've ever seen!!! Thank you for sharing....  

Janet - Palmyra, NY, USA 


"Nice compositions, they sound absolutely beautiful. Well done, five stars."  

Christian - Germany